Surfing giftcard
Citywave® Moscow certificate
for beginners and experienced surfers
What is included in the giftcard
The certificate includes a lesson with an instructor: 1 hour on the wave and 40 min surf training in the gym. Training in the gym includes: warm-up, a detailed theory briefing, practicing technique, and balance. The lesson takes place in a group of 5-8 people. During the ride on a wave, the instructor works personally with one student. If you would like to order a certificate that includes the entire wave rental, please let us know.

Buy now
To purchase, use the yellow button above - "Order Certificate", fill out the form, and send the application. We will contact you and discuss the format, number of classes, and the final cost. The certificate will be sent to your mail and can be printed out by yourself.

The average processing time of the certificate is 15 minutes. If for any reason you do not receive a response after sending your application, call us using these numbers +79031023467 +74951056780 (WA)
Expiration date
Certificate expiration date:
- Three months when purchasing from 1 to 4 classes
- six months when purchasing from 5 to 12 classes

To activate the certificate you need to call the phone number listed on the certificate and agree the time of surfing two days before the lesson.

When you can use it

The certificate can be used at any free time according to the schedule of Famaradise Surf School.
Price and discounts
The cost of the gift certificate for one surfing lesson with an instructor on an artificial wave - 5500P.

If you buy a training course of four or more lessons - 5000P.
Surfing gift certificate for surf class/course on Citywave.
Order a gift card for yourself and your homies!
1 Certificate includes a lesson with an instructor on the wave for 1 hour and training in the gym for 40 minutes.

2 Certificate will be sent by email and can be printed out on your own.

3 Certificate is valid for 3 months or 6 months depends on number of classes

4 To activate the certificate, you have to call the phone number printed on the certificate two days before the class.

5 Certificates can be used in any free time according to the Famaradise Surfing School schedule.

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